All My Relations Arts

Minneapolis, Minnesota

"We want to create a big ripple, a big voice that shows the quality and diversity of work in the Midwest. We want the 'wow' factor."
—Dyani White Hawk Polk

Founded in 1999 by Shirlee Stone as “Mitakuye Oyasin” (Dakota phrase for all my relations), All My Relations Arts has grown into a nationally-recognized gallery, gathering place, and community resource for the American Indian community.

An initiative of the Native American Community Development Institute, All My Relations Arts is located in the in the heart of the American Indian Cultural Corridor along Franklin Avenue in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Despite challenges with their initial gallery space that resulted in a new home, All My Relations Arts is thriving, thanks to an enduring commitment to their community, increased capacity to tell their story, and financial and leadership support from ArtsLab during their transition.

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