The Arts Partnership

Fargo, North Dakota

“We realized that we needed a framework for dialogue about the future of our organization, and the comprehensive nature of ArtsLab made all the difference to us.”
—Martha Olsen

The Arts Partnership (TAP) is the collective of more than 125 artists, arts-related businesses and organizations serving the metropolitan region of Fargo, North Dakota/Moorhead, Minnesota. 

Dedicated to nurturing the arts, TAP is the central service organization and strong collective voice for the arts and culture in their region. Through a commitment to cross-sector collaboration, the organization ensures that the arts and culture are advocated for across business, education, government, and the public sectors. Thanks to a fresh vision and direction established during their time in ArtsLab, TAP has increased its membership, identified new leadership, nurtured a bold Board of Directors, and helped integrate the arts into in the City of Fargo’s long-term development plan.

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Glassblowing artist in his studio

Glassblowing artist in his studio. Photo courtesy of The Arts Partnership.