Mu Performing Arts

St. Paul, Minnesota

“ArtsLab is giving us a way to talk about things during our leadership transition that might be taken as personal in a different context, but in the ArtsLab context, it’s about the work we do.”
—Don Eitel

Mu Performing Arts was founded in 1992 in St. Paul, Minnesota as a theater company dedicated to bringing Asian American voices to the stage and has since grown into one of the largest Asian American performing arts companies in the United States.

Emerging at a time when Asian American theater did not exist locally, Mu provides an unparalleled resource for Asian American artists—introducing their stories to new audiences and giving Asian Americans of all ages and ethnicities an opportunity to connect and belong. Mu’s future looks as bright as its mission, thanks to the time they have dedicated in ArtsLab to strengthening their operations, investing in board and staff relationships, and navigating a leadership transition.

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