Theatre B

Fargo, North Dakota

“We knew how to use an iterative process when it came to making the art stronger. We didn’t know how to iterate when it came to running the organization.”
—Carrie Wintersteen

Founded in 2003 in Fargo, North Dakota, Theatre B is built around an artist-led organizational model, with a small resident theater ensemble responsible for the production and operational work of the company.  

With a commitment to excellence in production and to presenting thought-provoking plays, Theatre B offers a four-show main stage season showcasing contemporary dramas and comedies, many of which would typically be available only in large metropolitan areas. Their work through ArtsLab, which strengthened management skills and provided new opportunities to connect with peer artist-led organizations, has supported Theatre B’s rapid growth from a small local experiment to a recognized regional theater known for its commitment to “rearranging the furniture of the mind.

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Two people holding candles on stage

Theatre B production. Photo courtesy of Theatre B.