TU Dance

St. Paul, Minnesota

"We want kids to know that dance shouldn't be a privilege. Anyone who wants to do it should be able to."
—Toni Pierce-Sands

One of the nation’s newest nonprofit professional dance organizations, TU Dance was founded in 2004 by Toni Pierce-Sands and Uri Sands with a goal to reveal the connective power of dance, celebrating a beautiful diversity on stage.   

The Minnesota-based company reaches across dance styles, drawing on a broad range of dance traditions from contemporary ballet to modern and traditional forms. In 2011, TU opened a school to train a new generation of professional dancers, an immediately successful enterprise thanks, in part, to the ArtsLab curriculum that helped them get organized. They credit their time in the program with enhancing their strategic thinking, creating a five-year financial plan, and building new management skills. TU Dance has since become a nationally compelling voice in dance, and a disciplined yet creative organization.

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TU Dance - Develop the Full Enterprise