Program Evaluation

"The ArtsLab program of Arts Midwest has a proven record of helping small and mid-sized arts organizations thrive." This was the core conclusion of Aurora Consulting after a 9 month assessment and planning process in 2016.  For a summary of this independent evaluation, we direct you to the findings and recommendations of Aurora Consulting.

There is evidence that ArtsLab permanently shifts participants’ language and thinking around relevancy, engagement, and strategy. More information on what participating organizations gain through ArtsLab is detailed in our 2014 case study report, Capacity building and resilience: What participants learned through ArtsLab.

Past cycles have consistently also been rated highly by independent evaluators for their positive impact on organizational stability, community engagement, and the development of strong, adaptive leadership.

For an independent evaluation of our 2012-2014 program cycle, we direct you to Strengthening Arts Organizations and Leaders, a report of the Touchstone Center for Collaborative Inquiry.

For more information on our impact in the 2008–2011 program, read our evaluation report, New Perspectives — Growing Impact.