ArtsLab Iowa: Cultivating Cultural Leadership

Facilitated by Arts Midwest, this seven-month peer learning community will explore concepts found within ArtsLab's healthy business model, including relevancy within community, leadership development, financial and resource development, and organizational infrastructure.  Participants receive a toolkit for use in continuing the learning within their local community and will create: a focused strategy roadmap with the flexibility to adapt to change, and a compelling story of vision, values and clarity of identity to invite engagement and support.

Program Elements

Two 2.5-day retreats to be held in the spring and fall of 2018 in Des Moines, Iowa.  Participants will learn from their teammates, their peers, and ArtsLab's curriculum team as they explore organizational identity and strategy.

  • Opening retreat:   Thursday, April 12, 2018 (1:00 pm) through Saturday, April 14, 2017 (1:00 pm), Des Moines, Iowa
  • Virtual Workshops:  May 8, June 12, July 10, September 11, October 9, noon - 1 p.m.
  • Final retreat:  Thursday, October 18 (1:00 p.m.) through Saturday, October 20, 2017 (1:00 p.m.), Des Moines, Iowa

Between the retreats, monthly virtual workshops, and facilitated coaching will assist the development of strategy roadmap and identity statements, and will provide technical assistance in areas listed below.  These virtual workshops will take place the 2nd Tuesday of each month from noon - 1 p.m. CST.

    Dashboards for Board Effectiveness
    Building your Strategy Roadmap
    Governance and leadership structures and roles
    Inclusion and Diversity
    Evaluation for Impact

In addition, each organization will receive one-on-one support from ArtsLab staff and coaches assigned to work with you. 

Cost of participation

Registration, meals, and double occupancy rooms are provided, thanks to support from the Iowa Arts Council (the full program value is $2,500 per person). Private rooms and one dinner per retreat are not included.

Feedback from participants

    “This was such a powerful experience and will impact our organization to no end.  Having a board member with me was vital.”

    “I love how all the sessions interweave. I am leaving feeling like it is do-able to combine bits and pieces together.”