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We’ve all been in meetings where participants are unprepared, people veer off-track, and the topics discussed are a waste of the team’s time. These problems — and others like it — stem from poor agenda design. An effective agenda sets clear expectations for what needs to occur before and during a meeting. It helps team members prepare, allocates time wisely, quickly gets everyone on the same topic, and identifies when the discussion is complete. If problems still occur during the meeting, a well-designed agenda increases the team’s ability to effectively and quickly address them.
The creative economy literature has examined a wider set of industries in which "creativity" is viewed as an asset and spurt to productivity.  These authors set for a social policy paradigm for the creative sector as having the potential to address urban poverty as well as urban vitality. Link:  Creative Economy to Creative Society
The skills and mindset for today's strategic planning need to come from continuously asking ourselves what vision we want to pursue, how we will make a difference in society, how we will succeed, and what capabilities it will take to get us there.
Are all composers famous dead guys? No! Music Alive residencies teach young people to compose and share new orchestral works.
Shift the framework from succession planning to deep sustainability. Read more about the shifts in leadership needed for nonprofits to become more resilient and effective.