ArtsLab in GIA Reader

Oct. 10, 2014

We’re honored that the Fall 2014 issue of GIA Reader highlights the key findings of Capacity building and resilience, the case study report ArtsLab released in June 2014. The report summarizes the key capacities in common at organizations that have survived and thrived in the face of significant change: a team of committed leaders, knowing what not to do, seeing from the outside in, and being guided by a sense of purpose.

These common strengths, and the report’s recommendations to the arts funding community, form the basis of ArtsLab’s upcoming presentation at the 2014 Grantmakers in the Arts Conference in Houston, where Senior Program Director Sharon Rodning Bash will be joined by by Kate Barr, executive director, Nonprofit Assistance Fund and Randy Reyes, artistic director, Mu Performing Arts in a discussion moderated by Vickie Benson, arts program director, The McKnight Foundation.

You can download the full report at