ArtsLab Leadership Idea Exchange

July 23, 2016

Over 40 ArtsLab friends and family reunited with old friends and new colleagues on Saturday, July 23 in Chaska, MN to connect, stretch and recommit at this day-long retreat. 

Interactive sessions explored personal leadership style, organizational change leadership, and artistic imagination conversations.  There was also open space for participants to discuss burning issues with their peers.

Event Specifics

Date: Saturday, July 23, 2016
Time:8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Location:Oak Ridge Conference Center, Chaska, Minnesota
Cost:There was no fee to participate.
Meals:Lunch and breaks included
Lodging:   For participants traveling over 100 miles to Oak Ridge Conference Center, limited lodging was provided.

Breakout workshops

Read full descriptions and facillitator bios here.

  • Centered Leadership:  Focusing Your Energy on What Matters Most
    with Marcia Hyatt, leadership consultant
    What does it take to create new habits that support more effectively stewarding energy toward what matters most?
  • Out of the Wilderness:  A Guide to Managing Organizations in Transition
    with Barbe Marshall Hansen, a leader focused on organizational change
    How do you tell your staff they aren’t in Silver City anymore and you aren’t going back? What should you do to avoid a mutiny while wandering? How can you call attention to the problem without losing your people?
  • The Gymnasium Hosts an Imagination Conversation
    The Gymnasium was founded by four leading artists--Shawn McConneloug, Bob Rosen, Kira Obolensky and Irve Dell-- to foster cross-sector collaboration and innovation with artists and other creative people outside of the arts.
    How do we find the creative spark in collaboration?  What happens when your good idea meets someone else’s good idea? How can your imagination be harnessed to solve problems and generate new ideas?

Questions: Send all questions to [email protected].