Past Events

Storytelling Workshops

Developed with support from the Bush Foundation and hosted in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Minnesota, ArtsLab presented five day-long storytelling workshops that brought together members of the arts and cultural community. Visit our archive page to learn more about these events.

Conferences and special events

  •  Rural Arts and Culture Summit: ArtsLab staff hosted a project planning session titled What If? Creating the Future through Story, and facilitated a plenary session, where participants shaped an idea or project to bring back to their community.
  • Minnesota Presenters Network Summer Conference: ArtsLab staff led a session on outcomes and impact evaluation utilizing case studies from local arts organizations..
  • State Arts Agencies: ArtsLab assembled a team of nationally-recognized experts to develop and present two-day strategic development events with the Indiana Arts Commission, Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, and Ohio Arts Council. The events were designed to help participant organizations examine their business model and plot a roadmap for development in the areas of finance, leadership, community engagement, and adaptability.   
If you are interested in designing a similar event for your arts community, please contact us.