Performing Arts Peer Learning Community

Course Description

Innovative small and midsized performing arts groups bring significant artistic leadership, experimentation and community presence to our metropolitan Minneapolis-Saint Paul area. These three retreats, facilitated by knowledge experts in creative business development as well as working practitioners, explored healthy business models. The retreat setting also provided a rich time apart from the routine, offering a unique and robust opportunity for peer engagement and exploration of common ground and collective interests. This opportunity targeted performing arts groups in the seven county Minneapolis-Saint Paul metropolitan region.

What did participants focus on?

Build knowledge in concepts of relevancy, relationships, resources and leadership;

Build skills in strategic thinking, coalition building and telling our story;

Build habits that enhance teamwork, commitment, and change management.

What did participants take away?

  • focused and adaptable business model
  • tools for monitoring and receiving feedback on the business plan
  • compelling story of vision, values, and identity 
  • toolkit of planning resources

Participating Organizations

ArtsLab is pleased to have included the following important arts organizations in our region:

Retreat Schedule

This program started with site visits with each organization in Summer 2016.  Three two-day retreats took place between September 2016 and January 2017, with monthly webinars supplementing the course's content.